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Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

Our basement waterproofing services provide residential and commercial buildings an effective way to mitigate excess water and protect your basement or foundation wall from leaks & damages. We install advanced waterproofing drain systems along the parameter of the foundation floor to redirect water towards a sump pump. This is the most efficient way to properly drain unwanted basement water and protect against hazardous wet basement conditions such as floods, mold, and mildew.

Benefits of Our Basement Waterproofing

  • Protected against water damages and leaks
  • Mold protection and moisture control
  • Guaranteed no flooding during storms
  • Drains are seamlessly integrated with walls and floor
  • Allows basement finishing possible
  • Unnoticable excavation work when completed

Local Waterproofing Reviews

Average rating for Absolute Waterproofing Solutions is 5 stars of 5 stars - based on 195 reviews

If anyone in my family ever needs basement waterproofing work like we did, we are definitely going to recommend Absolute Waterproofing. Fantastic job and very professional!

Sharon Y. - Lansing, MI 48910
October 28, 2013

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Our Waterproofing Systems & Drains

Fast Track System

Fast Track System

We commonly use the Fast Track System for putting a stop to leaks. The system was designed to help eliminate certain labor costs associated with installation due to the fact that nearly 2/3 less rock and dirt is used as with more traditional types of waterproofing systems and products. It was engineered to rest on top of or next to the footer. It is very versatile in how it's used. It can be placed in certain areas where water is most likely to enter your basement.

There is also no assembly needed at the time of the installation. The main sections of it are attached to each other, end-to-end. It provides for a level channel for water to be redirected away from the home. The system has specially-designed side walls that prevent dirt from building up inside the system. The main sections are also designed with tiny slits that prevent any silt, dirt, or solid materials from entering.

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1. Water Solution

Water Solution

2. Water Solution and Concrete

Water Solution and Concrete

3. Water Solution Finished

Water Solution Finished

Drain-Eze System

Drain-Eze System and Fast Track

The Drain-Eze System is part of Fast Track System, and it creates a 3/8" space between your basement floor and basement wall. It collects water at the basement cove and underneathe basement's concretethen redirects it towards your sump pump. It also is able to grab water and sends it out to your sump pump.

The Drain-Eze patented design uses expandable bi-folds that absorb the common wave deformity caused by a rough, uneven footing surface. Dimples are used in the horizontal or footing part of the Drain-Eze System to allow more flex as is needed for these uneven surfaces, especially pourous concrete, standard gravel, or rocks.

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1. Floor Removed Along Wall

Floor Removed Along Wall

2. Holes Tapped & Drain Tube

Holes Tapped & Drain Tube

3. Drain-Eze Over Tube & Stone

Drain-Eze Over Tube & Stone

4. Drain-Eze & Stone Before Concrete

Drain-Eze & Stone Before Concrete

5. Replacing Basement Floor

Replacing Basement Floor

6. Cured Concrete & Drain-Eze Painted

Cured Concrete & Drain-Eze Painted

Drain Main System

Drain Main System

Drain Main System was specially designed to be incorporated with your sub-floor system with added drainage features. Water will enter into your basement through a system of holes which are located at the base of your basement walls. The water then flows from the holes and into the system. It then redirects all the water to your sump pump. This particular solution is completely constructed out of PVC materials. We guarantee that this will be effective at keeping this area underneath your home dry and safe.

This waterproofing product is incredibly easy to install and our installers can have it finished in one day. Holes are tapped into the bottom row of blocks which are situated along the footing. The system also uses two rubber seals along the bottom of it. They help to reduce wall water from your home's exterior from being dumped under the basement floor. It also has a leak guard which acts as a secondary channel that collects back flow from underneath the footings of your basement.

Water X-Tract System

Water X-Tract System

Water X-Tract sits on top of the basement floor when waterproofing monolithic foundations. This gives Absolute Waterproofing Solutions the ability to waterproof such foundations without damaging the footing. Other contractors will chop out the footings to install their one systems.

Water X-Tract is also great for waterproofing behind such items as furnaces, well tanks, hot water tanks, etc., without having to remove them, which is inconvenient and costly. Drain tubing, or our Fast Trak System is often installed along with Water X-Tract to remove unwanted water sitting below the floor.

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1. Water X-Tract with Drain & Stone

Water X-Tract with Drain & Stone

2. Replacing Concrete after Installation

Replacing Concrete after Installation

3. Water X-Tract Finished

Water X-Tract Finished

Installed Sump Pump

Zoeller® Sump Pump

When you have residential or commercial waste water issues, you can count on Zoeller® Sump Pumps to deliver the very best solutions—our commitment to top quality offers you years of service and durability. Municipal waste water solutions require an experienced engineering team committed to developing detailed specifications to handle your most demanding applications. Zoeller® engineers provide innovative solutions to effectively meet your project objectives. With a variety of pumps available from different product lines with different specialties, no water problem is too large for a Zoeller® pump.

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Sump Pump & Basin Explained

Sump Pump & Basin

Product Video

Santa Fe Advance2

Santa Fe Advance2

The unit’s horizontal configuration and unique dual airflow outlets make it an ideal solution for basements and crawl spaces. Installation flexibility makes the Advance2 ideal for almost any application. No conventional dehumidifier can perform as efficiently and effectively in basements and crawl spaces as the Santa Fe Advance2.

  • Dual exhaust outlets allow for air distribution to multiple locations
  • Conveniently sized for installation in crawl space or basement
  • Horizontal solution is great for basement or crawl space application

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